Dewlite Pricing Page

A Pricing page is a standard web page on a website used to allow the visitor to check plans and purchase service as per their requirements. This Template is easy to design and fully Drag-n-drop no need for coding.

Watch the video below, where you can learn how to customize and edit the pricing page Template easily.

HubSpot Video

Hero banner section

General Setting: In the General setting of the banner, you can adjust the alignment /spacing and background.


Alignment and Spacing:  In the alignment and spacing setting, you can change the Content Alignment, margin, and padding.


Background setting:

Here you get the options to a choose the type of background, whether you want image, some color, gradient or none.


Heading and Description Text:

In this section, you can edit the content in the rich text editor.


 Then there is the image setting , here you can remove/replace the image, adjust its size, maximum size and add the link to the image.

Once you are done with your editing, then apply changes.


Pricing Card

Here is the pricing module. In this module you get the option to add your top heading, pricing text, pricing list items, button text and  some description.


You can edit your each pricing card as per your requirements and colors are bascally controls from the theme settings.



Cards Section

In the first part, we have used the rich text so that users can edit the content and can use all the features given by the rich module. The user can just click on it and use the module according to the use. 

In this section, you get a list of cards that you can either increase or decrease. Inside cards, you get the choice to add an image, its width and height, and text.


Accordion section

The accordion is designed for adding multiple sections of varied content to your website, and actively selecting which to show or hide at any time. You can choose between toggles, which will only allow one item to be open at a time, and accordions.

In this module you will get the options to title and its description.



Once you are done with your editing, then click on the publish button.

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