Dew-Landing Page Layout 1

This template is a dedicated web page on the site that targets a specific audience, gives them a specific offer, and captures their information via a lead form. This page is entirely customizable and highly editable without touching the single line of code.


Watch the video below, where you can learn how to customize and edit the Dew Landing Template easily.



Let's get started

Section Edit - 1

General Setting: In the General setting of the banner, you can adjust the alignment /spacing and background.


Alignment and Spacing:  In the alignment and spacing setting, you can change the Content Alignment, margin, and padding.


Background setting:

Here you get the options to a choose the type of background, whether you want image, some color, gradient or none.


Text Section: 

In this section, you can edit the content in the rich text editor.


Image Sections:  In the image setting,  you can remove/replace the image, adjust its size, maximum size and add the link to the image.


Form Setting:- In this setting, you can change the form tittle, choose the form, form content,

thankyou editing and form options.


Section 2

Card Listing

In this section, you get a list of cards that you can either increase or decrease. Inside cards, you get the choice to add an image, its width and height, and text.


Once you are done with your editing, then click on the publish button.

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