Clear Email Template

This Template is designed to allow you to easily build a page. Apply changes to your entire site. This Template Pack provides you with everything you need to create a website on HubSpot that represent your brand well and help you grow your business.

Watch the video below, where you can learn how to customize and edit the Clear Theme Email Template Template easily.

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Let's see how it Works:-

Edit Section 1:

This section displays the banner only. To edit the banner we have to click on the image settings or click on the image also. Here we can easily select the image by just click on that also set the height and width of the banner image as per the use.

email section 1

Edit Section 2:

 This section includes the heading, description, and button. First, we have to add the title of the section with the description next is to add the buttons. All these available in the single edit section 2

Edit Section 3:

This section is used to display the heading and linked images. To edit this first, we have to add the heading text and description. Then we have the option to add the image below. Image setting has an advanced setting in which we can add the links.

section 3 editorr

Edit Section 4:

In this Section first, we have to add the heading of the Section by click on that. Then we have the course listing setting where we can add the image link.

Add Heading: In this setting, we can change the heading and description by click on that.section 4 data