Clear eBook II

The E-book is an online source for free ebook downloads, ebook resources, and ebook authors. The clear theme page is entirely customizable and highly editable without touching the single line of code.

Watch the video below, where you can learn how to customize and edit the Ebook page Template easily.

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Let's see how it Works:-

Edit Section 1:

This section includes the heading, image, and form. In this section, first, we have to add the background color of the section. Then we have to add the heading and description text, and also we have the option to change the color of the text as per the uses. We can add the form by just one click. And adjust the design of the form.

ebook section 1

Edit Section 2:

This Section is very useful for every page. We can add the logos of the service which we have given to the customers and also can use it to add the logo of the client. We have to click on the edit option and add the logo.


Edit Section 3:

In this section, first, we have to add the heading and description. In the second part, we have the option to edit the E-book listing. We can easily change the icons and can add the title and description.


Edit Section 4:

This section is for the showcase book and its topics. First, we have to add the background color in the section. Then we get the option to upload the image and with custom options. Next, we have to add headings and descriptions.section 4image display book

Edit Section 5:

This section includes heading and listing. First, we have to add the heading of the section, and after adding the edit list with the edit section here, we can add the number of the list as per the uses.

section 5 edit listing

Edit Section 6:

This section is very use-full for every E-book page. With this section, we can showcase other books also. So first, we have to add the heading in this section. Now with the help with different book settings, we can add the number of books as per the use. Here user can able to add the books with just a single click and also able to add, remove, and clone the items in the section.

e book section 5

Edit Footer Text: The footer text is used to display company copyright. We have click on the text and change the text easily.

footer e book