Clear Case Study

You can use case studies to showcase your outstanding work and ultimately, attract more customers, or viewers to your website.

Watch the video below, where you can learn how to customize and edit the clear Case-study Website easily.

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Let's see how it Works:-

Section Edit - 1

Banner Setting:

First, we have to select the background. We can use Color, Gradient, Images, and Video. So adjust the Width and Height According to use. Also, we can select the option for full-screen banner or don't want Banner.


Type of Backgrounds: Easily select the background type. we have many options like Color, Gradient, Images, and Video.

My Video1-1

Add Background Image: To add a background image click on the banner image and select the banner for background and adjust the height and width.


Adjust Height & Width: You can change the width and height as per Requirement.

CTA Button:

Here we have the Option to Add, Delete, Clone And Edit Buttons. We can add the link in the button through button Settings.

Screenshot 6.0

                                          My Video1-2

                                           If you don't want CTA Button Just Click this option

Setting for CTA Button: This option is beneficial to design the button for your banner.

Screenshot button settings

Add the form: To create a case study form please click on the form. Now in the edit section, there are Two options We getting Create or edit.


Case study Blogs:- This section display the case study block. first, we have to add the heading and subheading.

Add the Following Content:
- Select the Blogs
- Add the Button text
- Show the number of posts
- Save


Section Edit - 3

This section has the Content on the left side and button on the right side.
So first we have to select the background color.

- Add the heading and Sub content
- Add the buttons Text
- Enter the buttons link