Blog Layout 2 Page listing page

Nowadays everyone wants at least one blog section on his site or page. You can use a dew blog template for that, just add this module on your page and select your layout and blogs without touching a single line of code.

Section 1

Listing Module

In this Blog listing module, you get the options to able or disable the feature, title, tag, author, publish date, description, and button in the blog cards.



Section 2

Cards Section

In the first part, we have used the rich text so that users can edit the content and can use all the features given by the rich module. The user can just click on it and use the module according to the use. 


In this section, you get a list of cards  Inside cards, you get the choice to add an image, its width and height, and text.

Section 3

This section is created with the Hubspot DND Features. We have used the simple rich text for this section.

Please click on the section content to edit the content.


Once you are done with your editing, then click on the publish button.

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