In most of the cases, each member of the sales team is often judged on the revenue they bring into the company. If the sales team members are highly qualified and familiar with the tactics and strategies, then they can easily perform their task and become a top performer in sales.

Are you looking forward to working with a certified sales team having the ability to convey the value of products and services to your potential customers ? That’s where webdew- HubSpot diamond partner comes into play. 

Yes! webdew believes in perfection and offering quality services to its clients to create lasting success. Well! They have a team of HubSpot sales software certified professionals who have completed this course with good grades and have an in-depth understanding of HubSpot CRM and Sales Hub software. 

The practical exercise and techniques discussed in this course help them quickly organize records in HubSpot CMS, identify the best contacts to increase sales, create tasks, use templates, sequences and recommendations, automate tasks,  book meetings, report sales and many more. 

So, if you also want assistance in automating tasks, scheduling emails, filtering target audience profiles, creating reports, etc. don’t miss the opportunity to work with HubSpot sales software certified professionals of webdew. They will help you fuel success in your sales process. 

Check out the list of our professionals, who have completed HubSpot certifications like HubSpot sales software certification,  HubSpot inbound certification, etc. with their knowledge, hard work and dedication. 

Rekha Kumari: HubSpot Sales Software Certified Professional

Rekha Kumari HubSpot sales-software-certified Professional

rekha-kumariExperience shared by professional

Doing Hubspot sales certification was not only a great experience but a learning opportunity also. HubSpot's courses are well-produced, the content is high-quality, and the programs are easy to navigate. HubSpot is a powerful tool that comes with a ton of automated lead nurturing capabilities. I have explored and learned many new strategies for a business's marketing and sales. The best part of it is the practical exercises that not only help us to implement the strategies I learnt but also help to learn the usage of different tools present in Hubspot in an effective way. I really recommend it to every professional who wants to be a sales experts.

Akanksha Pandita: HubSpot Sales Software Certified Professional

akanksha-pandita-hubSpot sales-software- certified-professionalakanksha-panditaExperience shared by professional

From this course, i learned a lot about, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Service Hub. How, Marketing software can increase traffic and leads with its free and premium plans, Sales software can help in closing more deals,  and faster. and how Service Hub can help us provide first-class customer service.Overall! it was a great help! 

Sandeep Kumar: HubSpot Sales Software Certified Professional


Experience shared by professional

It was a great experience doing this certification. The HubSpot Sales Software Certification helped me shape the conversation around your business, build loyalty, and attract new customers and partners. 

Saurabh Cauhan: HubSpot Sales Software Certified Professional

saurabh-chauhan-hubSpot-sales-software- certified-professional


Experience shared by professional

It was like getting a formal training of a software while undergoing this certification. I was able to adapt the technology to it's very specifics and helped me to get efficient in it. 

Preetksh bhat: HubSpot Sales Software Certified Professional

preetksh-bhat-hubSpot-sales-software-certified-professionalpreetksh-bhatExperience shared by professional

Indeed, you can proceed with any of the Hubspot certification through Hubspot Academy. You need to create your Hubspot account and you can start any certification you want. At the start of the certification you get to learn about what Hubspot sales software is about, what does it do, management process and all through different modues and videos. Basically, it contains 17 videos, 4 lessons and 3 quizzes. In each video there's a Hubspot Guru who explains about different aspects of the sales software. For example it helped me learn the following :

- Organize your records in HubSpot CRM to identify the best contacts to reach out to
- Get the most out of your Sales Hub tools when making contact with your leads
- Use HubSpot CRM deals in combination with your Sales Hub tools to close more sales
- It also helps me in doing HubSpot sales related interaction with a client consisting of deal stages or sales pipeline.
- Each certification there has a practical objective type final exam after going through learning modules, docs. and videos which ultimately sets you apart with the knowledge of it.

Meghna Biswas: HubSpot Sales Software Certified Professional



Experience shared by professional

It was great experience doing HubSpot sales certifications. I've explored almost every app of Hubspot sales toolwhile doing all the certifications. The practical excercise in the certification moudule was great help. Moreover these practical excerices helps me to get to know more about the apps and its features.

Thanks to HubSpot academy!!