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Top 6 Web Development Technologies You Should Learn in 2019

The IT industry is continually expanding and a lot of challenges are coming in the way of developers every other day. There are numerous frameworks and programming languages for web development.

However, you need to figure out which context is relevant or which programming languages are in fashion for career prospects so that, you can approach the interviewer in the right way and get hired.

Don’t fret. I can help! In this soft documentation, I’ll be acknowledging you with the evergreen technologies which can be used to the best while having their deep understanding.

Let’s get down to the technological advancement and categorize the profiles of web development.

  • Front end Developer
  • Back end Developer

If you are planning to join an IT company as a Front-end developer, then you must acquire hands-on experience in the below-mentioned technologies and programming languages for better career opportunities.

A developer has a great roleplay in the overall processes of constructing, designing and finally deploying the the product/app to the client by his end however, they have individual responsibilities as well.

Front end developers are responsible for the client side development and mostly occupied in reviewing code, design and debugging of application along with ensuring user-friendly experience. They are solely responsible for the design and look of the site.

The Back end developers have a different role to play and contribute in the software development proving their capabilities and dexterities.

They are focused on the responsiveness of sites, its behavior, and speed where they deal with various programming languages such as Python, Ruby,.Net, etc. Moreover, they also have knowledge of HTML/CSS Javascript, etc as they are more focused on the inner web application to create out the server side of a web application

Through these languages, they can develop a dynamic site other than the static one, and these websites can store database information.

Back-end developers are also responsible for enhancing the response rate and speed of the sites as this is no less than a challenge for developers to make a website respond in the best way it could because a user can not tolerate even a bit of a second delay.

Technologies to work on for Front-end Developer


Javascript is well-known for its dynamic nature. It’s an interpreted programming language used by various popular brands like Google, Facebook, Youtube to reload their portion of pages instead of loading the whole page.

Due to its large demand and commanding presence, javascript is accessible among the web developers. Additionally, Nodejs is a javascript based back end language that helps a website to load faster and makes it user-friendly.

Moreover, “jquery”, a javascript library is like adding butter on the bread in the sphere of development where millions of web developers use these libraries in the designing of a website to speed up the internal events because of it’s convenient and reliable nature.


Jquery is a pre-written javascript code or js library that can be utilized in your website. The motive of using jquery is to simplify the use of js on your site. Jquery makes developer live more convenient because it provides various in-built functions by using the predefined ones so that you can accomplish the development tasks quickly.

Features offered by jquery:

  • HTML/DOM manipulation
  • Ajax
  • Special Effects
  • CSS manipulation
  • Utilities
  • Cross browser support


Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML) and Cascading Style Sheet(CSS) are the two most important part of web coding. And if you are thinking to join a web development company, then the knowledge of these two languages are must to get into an IT company.

These languages are considered as the building block of web development where HTML is used to describe the structure of information on the web page and CSS oversee the page appearance.

Therefore, without knowing these two languages you won’t be able to design a website. So we recommend you to learn these languages and grab the golden opportunities in your hand.

It will take a maximum of 1 week to learn these languages and achieve the milestone of your career growth.

Technologies to work on for Back-end Developer

Languages and frameworks

Back end web developer deals with a variety of programming languages because building a software required involvement of logic and coding to accomplish web application.

Frameworks are the pre-defined code used by back-end developers according to their requirement and demand. There are plenty of programming languages available for the developers to choose, including javascript, Python, PHP, Ruby, .not, Nodejs and much more.

Back end web developers deal with a variety of programming languages because building software requires the involvement of logic and codes to develop web application and tools.

Database Management System(DBMS)

Programmers and developers use DBMS to perform the various task like to create, retrieve, manage and update data. DBMS act as an interface between the database and the end-user.

MySQL is the famous open source relational database. It’s a free database, easily accessible and easy to set up. It is considered to be the favorite framework to work on among the back end developers.

There are other databases available in the market like MongoDB, Oracle, SQL and many more.

One can go for the distance learning of simplilearn’s SQL database training course which will enhance your technical skills and allow you to crack your next interview.


MongoDB becomes one of the favorite databases among web developers because of its unique features. It is an open-source database which uses a document-oriented database model. This model comes under Nosql banner. Unlike using rows and tables MongoDB architecture is a craft of collections and documents.

Features of MongoDB

  • MongoDB is free and Open-source
  • It’s a distributed database model
  • Support Adhoc queries
  • Indexing, Replication
  • Use javascript instead of procedures

Over to you

Hope the knowledge provided by me proves to be useful for the aspiring candidates looking to start a career in the field of web development.

I have discussed some of the trending technologies on which companies are working and focusing at present. To acquire the knowledge of the above-discussed programming languages, one can enroll in the online courses as best suited to you and can earn certification for the same.

This will provide an extra edge to your career growth, thereby, expanding the brackets of your knowledge.

Meghna Biswas

Meghna Biswas is a Social Media Marketer and Content Creator, she helps businesses attain leads through variety of social content across the web. Ms. Biswas is a writer by day or reader by night.

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