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How to Craft the Best Web Developer Resume

Are you all set to land your dream web developer job? Well! That’s great, but apart from the excitement, you must be thinking about how to design a resume so that you can get a call from the hiring manager.

Isn’t it?

Don’t fret! This guide will help you out in crafting the successful web developer resume for your upcoming interview.

There are a lot of vacancies out there for web developer and you just require to showcase your skills and expertise to get a position in your dream company.

Let’s take a moment and study the below graph.


Source: Xcart

You can observe the growth of web developer jobs compared to other profiles in the tech industry. Moreover, tech experts believe that this domain will expand further in the coming future and will rise up with further advanced technologies.

To make all your dreams come true you need a stellar resume to leave a first impression on the recruiter as a quality resume can increase your chances of getting hired in the desired company.

How to Design a Perfect Web Developer CV?

A resume is just not a piece of paper, it is your supreme asset for career prospects which needs to be presented well as it is going to reflect your persona in front of the interviewer.

You need to take care of below pointers before creating a resume. Take a rundown:

Career Objective

Recent graduates need to know about the fact that an engaging career objective can encourage an interviewer to scroll down your resume and read the rest of the resume because a recruiter might take 3 seconds to decide whether you are the best fit or not.

So focus on the key points, do not put irrelevant information as this can annoy your interviewer, and you could miss the chance of getting hired.

If you have work experience in the same field, you can mention your professional objectives along with the career one. Further, you can specify the accomplishments you have achieved with the previous company and how you helped them with your ideas and hard work.

Elaborate your skills

Skills are the utmost element to mention on the resume, make a separate section for the skills and expertise you acquired.

One can make a comprehensive list of technical skills that they possess:

  • Web technologies and frameworks including HTML5, CSS, PHP, UI, etc
  • Database(Mysql,Oracle)
  • Web Server(Apache Tomcat6)
  • Deployment tools(Docker, Maven, CI/CD)

You can make subheadings for the skills this can make recruiter's job easy and give an extra edge to your resume.

Do not mention skills which are not relevant to your domain and you don’t acquire for this can make a negative impression on the recruiter.

Education and Certifications

Provide your education details: start by listing the institution, location and passing year, the degree you earned during your education period.

Try to add action verbs and make phrases like “passionate for coding”, “ a good learner”, etc. this will put a substantial impact on the interviewer that you hold good communication skills along with the technical skills.

If you have done any certification to enhance your knowledge or gain expertise in a programming language you can mention over your resume.

If you haven’t earned any certification till now, I would recommend you to acquire any certification best suited to you which acts as an add-on.

One can go for the edX javascript coursefor fulfilling his/her future endeavors.

Formatting and Personal Details

Formatting is one of the crucial parts while framing resume. We usually ignore the format and alignment which can put us in trouble or may end you up losing a golden opportunity. Therefore, you need to take care of these nuances and try to make it impressive. Also, mention personal details your interest and hobbies this will act as an add-on in the resume

Go through these below-mentioned pointers, this will acknowledge you in crafting a winning resume.

Make it clean, precise and informative and let your recruiter know that you are the best fit for the organization.

  • Use bullets and specify your skills.
  • Try to make it complete in maximum two pages do not exceed more than this it may become monotonous for your interviewer.
  • Try to keep your resume communicative and rich with skills so that it can put a positive impact on the recruiter.
  • Focus on formatting and grammatical part.
  • Proofread your resume before sending to the hiring manager.

Refer to the resume sample which will further give you clear vision while designing an effective resume.


Source canva

I hope this soft documentation regarding creating a fruitful resume will help you in getting hired in your desired company. If you are searching for Web Developer jobs, Webdew is here to narrow your search you can apply for the same and let your dream comes true.


Meghna Biswas

Meghna Biswas is a Social Media Marketer and Content Creator, she helps businesses attain leads through variety of social content across the web. Ms. Biswas is a writer by day or reader by night.

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