Best Explainer Videos That Have Set a New Benchmark in The World of Animation

Posted by Chehak Wadhwa on September-2018

It’s worth mentioning that video marketing is the lynchpin of the digital advertising world. How do I dare to say this? According to a recent HubSpot article ,“About 58 percent of B2B buyers saw videos in 2014 to make a buying decision. Moreover, 95 percent of buyers prefer shorter formats for content, and 86 percent of them want on-demand access.” This clears that viewers look for actionable explainer videos.

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What is the Role of Animated Characters in Explainer videos?

Posted by Chehak Wadhwa on September-2018

Since our childhood, cartoons have been part of our lives. We copy, relate, and, follow them in many ways.

Now, cartoons are not restricted to kids as adults have started using them in new ways in the form of explainer videos.

Moreover, according to recent research, videos that have the power to tell a compelling story using entertaining and engaging characters can improve the conversion rate by more than 20 percent.

A video is incomplete without characters.

Animated characters are responsible for adding flair to a video, which further helps develop a strong brand presence.

What Do You Mean By Animated Characters?

Character animation is a part of the animation process, which involves bringing liveliness in characters. Animated characters play a similar role in videos to that of a film or stage actor; therefore, we call them actors with a pencil.

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Topics: Animated Characters, Explainer Videos, Video Marketing