What is Smart Fields in HubSpot? How to create it?

Smart Fields in HubSpot

Smart field, the name itself says its meaning. It is a method to smartly capture the data where you can collect new information about your visitors and leads with the smart fields form in order to keep your forms short and easy.

To a surprise, it is a HubSpot feature that permits you to customize your form in a well-organized manner.

Smart Field performs by analyzing the user's cookies and eliminate the form fields that the user has previously filled out. It helps users to edit and update the pre-fill information present there.

smart-formIt provides the platform where you can personalize and customize the forms smartly.

After viewing the above mentioned description hope you are done with asking What is Smart Field HubSpot?

Now the burning question is: Why to choose Smart Field in HubSpot?

As you all know about the quality services of the tool, HubSpot always provides the best features which help to grow your business effectively. It was the past when the developers created a single form for all visitors but now the time has changed.

HubSpot now gives the opportunity to create a smart form for all visitors coming to your site in a personalized way. It tracks all the information filled by your client and based on that information you can generate new forms smartly.

why to choose smart

How it works?

Cookie tracking must be turned on to track page views and referral sources and show pre-populated or queued form fields. If the tracking of cookies is turned off, then each form submission is counted as a new contact as there is no tracking record available for them.

You may want to turn cookie tracking off if people are going to fill out this form on the same device at an event, conference, or trade show.


Most Alluring Factor:

[It permits you to edit or update the entire form based on your visitors and their particular characteristics.]

Demographics of the visitors

Demographics is nothing but a statistical view of a population which basically include behaviour, age, gender, country, income, occupation, language and so on. Understanding the demographics of your target customers is critical for the success of your business.

Now take a rundown on these points before creating the smart field forms:



It plays an important role according to client point of view as it shows content to the viewer that is supported in their country. This information (country-based) is decided by the information processing address of the visitant. It is a positive way to attract visitors.

Device Type:

The strategy should always be clear and accordingly identify which device your smart content is focussed around (mobile, tablet, or desktop).

Here through device type you can easily analyse that from which device you are getting more visitors and accordingly you can make the marketing strategy.

Referral Source:

It is the best way to reach to your target clients as it shows  your content to the referral visitors or to them who are interested in the same site like yours. It is beneficial for you as you get the interested leads from here.

Preferred Language:

Individualize the content based on the language set by the client. Here you can show your content in multiple languages and the visitor can view it on their preferred language which comforts the visitor to understand the content.

Contact List Membership:

Specify the contact in the HubSpot database based on whether they are a member of the HubSpot or not. It provides the platform to differenciate between the non members and members of the HubSpot which makes it easy to approach  them and convert them into a lead.

Lifecycle Stage:

This may examine the lifecycle stage property of a contact in your HubSpot info and show the relevant content supported as per this field. It shows the overall journey of the client which helps you to target them effectively.

Steps to Create a Smart Field Form on Website Page or Landing Page


  • LogIn your HubSpot account, go to your website pages or landing pages.
  • Go to the existing page and click on ‘Edit’.
  • Go to the content editor, click the ‘form module’.
  • In the left side panel, enter a Form title.
  • Click the dropdown menu and select a form.
  • Click the ‘smart icon’ button.


  • Go to the dialog box, choose the criteria you want your smart content rules on.
  • Click to the ‘Create button’.
  • Create the smart rules by clicking in the left sidebar ‘editor’ coming under the Choices tab.
  • Click the Content dropdown menu to switch between the default content with the new content supported by the smart rules.
  • Go to  Add rule to add new smart content rules and click on ‘Reorder rules’ to edit the order of the smart rules, also to delete can click on ‘Delete’ and it will remove your smart rules and transform the new smart rule into the original traditional rule.
  • After finishing the good content rules, click on ‘Save’ button and again go to the module list.
  • Before publishing this page first, you need to preview it and check how it will be displayed.
  • To preview this you need to click on the ‘view icon’ to open the preview panel.
  • Click on Preview for a particular contact name and you can see that content on your page.
  • You can also preview your smart rule by choosing a specific category like country, language, traffic source etc.
  • After completing all your edition, click on the ‘Publish’ button present on the top right corner of the page.


Steps to Create a Smart Field Form in Your Template

  • In your HubSpot account, Go to the  Marketing tab, Click on  ‘Files and Templates’ and then Go to Design Tools.
  • Go to the design manager, click on the ‘template name’ with the specific form which you want to make smart.
  • Go to the sidebar editor, click the ‘More dropdown’ menu, select Make module smart
  • Go to the dialogue box, choose the criteria you want your smart content to rule on.
  • Click ‘Create’.

add-progressive-profiling (1)


Point to Note:

In the right panel, within the Default Content section, build your smart rules. Use the Content dropdown menu to jump between your default content and the content your smart rules will be based on.

  • Click ‘Add rule’ to add smart content rules.
  • Click ‘Reorder rules’ to change the order of your smart rules.
  • Click ‘Delete’ to remove all smart rules and convert it into the old traditional module.
  • Finally after all changes just click on ‘Publish changes’.

Last Words

The best thing is that you can use the smart field forms based on browser cookies which helps to generate different question sets according to the visitors and clients.

It also provides the platform to get feedback from the clients which helps to improve the service, thereby, building a better relationship. Smart Field Form helps you to keep forms short, which increases conversions.

It also allows you to gather more information from visitors that you can use to further qualify them as a lead and tailor your nurturing efforts to their interests, without overwhelming them.

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