A Complete Guide to Migrate Blog from HubSpot to WordPress

There is no doubt that more than 60,000 companies in over 90 countries prefer to use HubSpot tool to grow their business and escalate the number of leads. But, some says that it’s not for everyone because some people are unaware of this tool and some are still wondering to know- Is it the right solution for them?

Yes! HubSpot- all in one business automation is one of the best tools till date as it provides free CRM services, but its also true that with the increase in the number of contacts, organizations have to spend some bucks from their pocket. Similar is with HubSpot blogs. At the time of changes or updations, HubSpot allows you to migrate up to 300 blogs. 

Suppose you have 300+ blogs and wants to make some changes in your site, then you have to upgrade your plugin code. I know it’s really hustling. Therefore, to handle this situation most of the marketers are looking for HubSpot to WordPress blog migration. 

I know you might be thinking that by using the traditional approach (COPY and PASTE), one can easily migrate the blog directly from HubSpot to WordPress. No doubt it's handy, but there are chances that you might lose data and have to spend time while moving each blog individually. 

Now, you might be thinking the accurate way to migrate blogs from HubSpot to WordPress. Don’t Worry! Scrolling down and reading this article will guide you with the proper steps by considering which you can move HubSpot Blogs to WordPress without any challenge. Before moving to HubSpot migration, have you ever thought what things you need to migrate? Let’s take a look. If not then take a look. 

What do we need to migrate?

  • Blog Title
  • Features image of respective blog you want to migrate
  • Blog Content (data, images, links, CTA, embed assets)
  • Meta Description
  • Publish time and date
  • Author
  • Tag categories

Now, without taking a minute, let’s dive into the steps by following which you can migrate your blog posts directly from HubSpot to Wordpress. 

Blog Migration Steps From HubSpot to WordPress

Let’s get started….

Step-1 Make a New Blog Template

The first step while migrating HubSpot blog to WordPress is the creation of a new blog template in the Designer Manager. In this particular step, you have to select Template type which is “blog” and add file name like “Blog Exporter”. 

Furthermore, you can also change the file location by clicking on the change button. Once you have successfully entered the details in the respective text area, click on the create button


Step-2 Copy all the Text and Paste

Here, you have to delete all the default code which is added inside the newly created file. After removing the default code, copy and paste the added snippet and update the file.


Now, update this snippet to the reference blog you want to import. The primary purpose of this step is to escape the data and put data into CSV format.

Once, you complete this step; your template will look like:


Step-3 Can also Preview your page

Look at the preview button added on the top right corner of the template page. By clicking on this button, you will see a dropdown list which includes two options; Live Preview with display options and Preview without display options.


Here, you have to select "Preview without a display" option. Select and copy all the text appeared on the screen. Let me tell you that by selecting blog_recent_posts function, you can migrate 200 posts, but if you use standard blog listing, then you can increase the blog post count to 1000. Furthermore, it will also help you to reduce the disturbance to your live blogs quickly.

Step-4 Open Text to edit and save the content as a CSV 

After copying your entire content, open the best text editor such as codeshare, code pen, VSCode, Notepad++, VIM etc., In the respective content editor, paste the copied content and save it as an importer.csv file. 


All the blogs that you want to migrate from HubSpot to Wordpress will be stored in this folder.

Till now, hope you have performed all these 4 steps easily in HubSpot. Now, let's move to another vital step of Blog Migration.

Step-5 Install WordPress

Now, it's the time to set up WordPress and import all the blogs from CSV file to WordPress. To achieve this goal, you have to install and activate WP All Import into your electronic device. 

You just have to click on download button for setting up WordPress quickly. Always prefer to download the pro version as it will help you to import the images and content into WordPress automatically. Moreover, all the information will be installed during import.  


If you are wondering about the packages, then need not Worry! All the Plugins that are offered by WordPress are free. I know some people think that the whole import process is arduous but trust me, it’s very handy. If you follow the proper step, you will not face any difficulty while importing HubSpot blogs to WordPress.

Step-6 Steps to import the file

Now, it's the time to import all the blogs stored in CSV files.

Point 1- Landed to the Admin page? Here you have to create a new admin page for which you have to navigate to the left side of the sidebar. Here Click on All Import button from the list. You will be redirected to-


Here you have to click on “Upload a file” and select the same CSV file in which you have stored all your HubSpot blogs. 

Once you receive the message “upload complete”, then click on “Continue to Step 2” button.

Point 2- It is the most straightforward step to pursue. In this step, you can preview the entire data stored in CSV file. Once you check that everything is fine then move to the next level.

Point 3- In this step, the mapping of data is done according to the fields of WordPress. You just have to drag the file name which is added in the content area of the right sidebar. Remember to drag “post_content” and “post_title” into the respective fields. 


If you are using the Pro Version of WordPress tool, then you can directly configure the image importer by expanding the images as per your requirements. Furthermore, you can also expand tags, categories, taxonomies to make the migration less stressful. 

Point 4- Now, you be directed to the page where you can check the categories checkbox and can also drop the post category into the respective field. 


When you scroll down on this page, you will also see “other post options” where you can map the data as per your needs. Like you can select post status, post dates, comments, post slug, post author etc. before importing the files. 


Point 5- Once you update the information, click on the “Auto-detect” button to uniquely identify each post accurately. Once you are done with all the checks, click on the “Continue” button. 

Point 6- Now, you will see the entire summary report at one place. If you think that each post that you wanna migrate to WordPress is visible and accurate, then click on “Confirm” button and then click “Run Import”. 

After the completion of the process, you will receive the message of “Import complete”. Once you receive this notification, do check the imported blog posts again by navigating to Admin Sidebar. 

If everything is fine then congrats, you have successfully migrated all the Hubspot blog posts to WordPress.  

Few More Words

Finally! Done with the migration. Have you faced any problem while importing the data while following these steps? Hope, you find HubSpot blog migration to Wordpress much easier than you think.

People have the misconception that migrating from one tool to another is challenging. It’s true when you don’t know the steps or do not follow the accurate procedure, then there are chances that you might stick somewhere in between the blog migration process.  

Before migrating to HubSpot, I recommend you first read HubSpot vs WordPress: Which CMS to Choose and Why?

If you still have any doubts regarding which tool to choose or facing difficulty in migrating blog or availing HubSpot services, then visit our contact us page to get the best output. Besides HubSpot services, if you want to avail any other services, go through Webdew services page and get ready to experience the best. 

Good Luck!

Danish Wadhwa

Danish Wadhwa is a strategic thinker and an IT Pro, with more than 6 years of expertise in the digital marketing industry. He is more than a results-driven individual, who is well-versed in providing high-end technical support, optimizing sales and automating tools to stimulate productivity for businesses.

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