The job for modern marketers can be quite challenging. Either you're busy juggling multiple-point solutions, or you're stuck with tools that are strong yet difficult to use. This means disseminated customer data and an excessive amount of time spent fussing with software. However, it no longer has to be that way.

With the HubSpot Marketing Hub, all your marketing tools and data have made it an easy-to-use, powerful platform. And trust me, you'll save your precious time and get all the context you need to deliver a personalized experience to attract and convert the right customers at the right time.

Want to know more about this exciting tool? Well, keep reading to know all the nits-and-grits of the all powerful HubSpot marketing tool.

So, let's get started!

Chapter:1 An Introduction to HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot, if defined, is an Inbound Marketing and Sales tool designed for all types of companies who desire to attract visitors and make them their long-term customers. Marketing is a never-ending process and has its roots in past centuries, having the only difference in engaging customers with alternate ways.

The traditional days are gone, and so as the conventional ways. HubSpot Marketing brings all the new features ready to integrate with the latest trends in brand advertising. It stands up with a motto of ‘Attracting rather Interrupting' with all those tactics that would bring your business closer to valuable customers.

Promoting business and outreaching the world was never easy. However, HubSpot as a software offers many advanced and workable techniques to solve all your marketing hurdles. With such a robust tool, one can derive organic traffic, convert leads into consumers and ultimately accelerate ROI.

The HubSpot Software: Where all of the Marketing comes Together

The services offered by the tool (sales, customer service, marketing, CRM, etc.), when used individually, tend to prove powerful. Nevertheless, when executed all together, it delivers semantic and desired outcomes.

The HubSpot Marketing Hub brings all that is needed to pull traffic towards your site and launch powerful marketing campaigns that ultimately lure people's interest and make them happy to be your customers.


Below mentioned are some of the marketing features implemented well by the software that helps your team to grow traffic, attract visitors, and convert leads to users.

  • Build and Modify your Website without the IT intervention: The software's user interface is designed in such a way that it makes editing, modification, and working process go smooth while navigating to the landing pages, blog posts, web pages, or even templates. The operator can make the best use of the tool with its simple design and ease of use.
  • Showcase the right Content and Context to the right audience: The HubSpot tool user is provided with hassle-free content formatting, real-time SEO suggestions, optimal posting time, and much more to reach the potential influencers and followers. The content strategies adapt to modern searches work and gels well with the latest advertising trends to serve the best and relevant content and information.
  • Pull Traffic to your well designed Landing Pages: With the inbuilt features of click and personalize messaging, there requires no need to design calls-to-action specifically. No extra cost and time are needed for programming external traits as the default features are so designed that they personalize the messages based on persona, location, device traffic source, and many more.
  • Make the conversion smoothly possible, from visitors to qualified leads: The conversion rate of leads can drastically improve with many powerful traits to attach to your landing pages. Attaching forms, running A/B tests, live chat automating tasks all help in formulating professional-looking landing pages. The facilities provided help engage interested website visitors to your brand and associate them with your products/services for the long term.
  • Turn Leads to customers effortlessly: To make Leads your customers (and promoters at last), the HubSpot platform offers a personalized path to make a purchase for each individual lead. Perfect content creation, scheduled blogging, emails queue ups, timely follow-ups- these in-built automated activities help turn your leads into paying customers.
  • Track Customers' Interaction with your Brand: HubSpot's CRM and Salesforce directly connects you with your customer's interaction history. Track each and every activity of your customers made with your brand. The data insights help to contribute to your marketing and sales campaigns.

The Marketing Hub facilitates tracking the entire process and results of your marketing funnel solely from one place.

The spectrum of business advertising is quite huge where every marketer is looking for ways to engage more and more audiences with the products and services offered for use. So let's see a different face of marketing with HubSpot and its features.

What all involves Marketing with HubSpot?

Marketing, which one knows, is a process of acquiring a number of people interested in your brand/product/service with the help of market research, analysis, and your ideal customer's interests.

Leaving behind the old advertising forms, marketing with HubSpot falls under the umbrella of modern marketing, where marketers focus on fine-tuning strategies to sell a product to consumers to optimize success.

Inbound Marketing is the real focus of HubSpot, which helps turn your website into a magnet by marketing to humans in three primary and major steps. The steps pay real focus on content and context, which further involve a lot of things that can be customized and personalized in a way that best suits you and your online business.


The steps are:

  • Create: compelling content
  • Optimize: Content for SEO
  • Share: Posts on the trending Social Media channels

Content is the first thing that is visible to all, be it web pages, social messages, or blogs, and context is the second thing that pulls the visitor's interest that provides the information on what a buyer is looking for.

When it comes to market people, HubSpot applies its Inbound methodology that facilitates the buyer's journey through its sales funnel, thus, turning a former stranger into the present-day promoter.

The four milestones to cover (as shown below) during the journey are linked with many other workable and engaging activities that help you market, sell and serve your clients in a better way.

The Inbound methodology, when combined and executed with the HubSpot software, help your business adapt to the frequent changes and requirements not only with respect to business promotion but also with the customer experience.

The HubSpot software is an all-in-one tool that supports this methodology and effectively manages all your marketing, sales, and customer relationship management endeavors.

HubSpot Marketing Funnel and Plan

The HubSpot marketing funnel is a mainly consumer-focused model illustrating the journey of a theoretical customer toward the goal of an organization.

The same is with the Internet marketing funnel; it is a marketing strategy where new leads are continually funneled into your business in the hope of developing relationships with the user.


A marketing funnel is similar to a pyramid which is turned upside-down.

Essential parts of this funnel involve Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Decision, and Purchase.

Businesses have continually tweaked the model over the past few decades, adding a few bits and pieces, but the basic model of the funnel remains the same.

But, there is still one flaw in this model: it's not customer-centric. As a matter of fact, in the traditional sales funnel, leads are treated a bit like uniform widgets moving along a conveyor belt, with various things happening to them along the way.

Leads coming out of your funnel have a significant impact on the people going in from the top of it.

The bottom can actually feed the top of the funnel. Leads coming out of your funnel can prevent other people from getting into the funnel.

The attitude of people coming out of the bottom of your funnel somewhat directly impacts the number of people willing to enter the top of the funnel.

The problem arises when you're not customer-centric, your marketing efforts might go to waste. If we had a nickel for every brilliant content strategy that seemed to explode with engagement while yielding little (if any) measurable return on investment, we'd have more than a piggy-bank full of change.

Becoming customer-centric in your sales efforts changes that, although the content marketing effort is driven by the customer instead of the other way around.

Robust Features of HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot being a big name has gained popularity because of its effective features succeeding in all its marketing endeavors. Instead of making assumption-based decisions and flying high, the tool provides actionable marketing intelligence to its partners and users.

HubSpot Marketing Features are quantifiable where the data collection and tracking facilities help you:

  • Track the user's activities on the site and link them straight to your contact via CRM.
  • Organize contacts and relationships in HubSpot's CRM.
  • Gather leads with a built-in landing page, content marketing, form builder, and website tools.
  • Build marketing workflows that help you target leads based on their interactions with your site.
  • Manage customer support requests and build out a knowledge base

Various iOS and Android apps are available for CRM and Sales features.

HubSpot's Inbound Marketing brings all required to market the right audience at the right time in a more human way. The software eliminates the unnecessary time taken by marketers to execute the tasks manually by effectively automating the campaigning efforts.

The depth of functionality of HubSpot Marketing tools and features depends upon the subscription level one chooses to opt for as there are several specifications as per the packages available.

Let's take a rundown to some of the major and primary ones:

  • HubSpot's CRM

CRM is customer relationship management, and here in HubSpot CRM, you can add, store and manage all your contacts. This is a repository where data or any information given by your contacts will be directly stored.


From here, you can directly gaze at the contact's records, the timeline of their website activity, and any other property related to them separately and individually.

Even if different people are working on the same client or prospect, all those involved can update the CRM by keeping everybody informed about the contact and its place in the funnel.

  • HubSpot's CMS

This trait of the HubSpot Software helps ease your marketing executions. With the help of content management system you can create drafts, blog posts, topic clusters, schedule posts, include pictures, CTAs and videos and much more.


The HubSpot CMS is specifically for content creation and optimization, which further includes drag and drop modules, Content strategy and SEO, Content staging, mobile optimization, and much more.

One can personalize and optimize content via this effective feature which helps grow your business, thus enhancing the entire experience of visitors.

  • Marketing Automation Feature

The automation feature is something really praised by all HubSpot users. It automates all the workflows designed for all the mandatory tasks (like emails, forms, landing pages, lists, etc.), helping you spend less time over repetitive tasks.

One can improve their email marketing endeavors by automating the email campaigns by creating effective emails without any coding required. One can choose from a pool of triggers, conditions, templates, actions and send the right emails to the right leads at the right time.

The possibilities to automate mundane tasks are endless. Besides emails, one can automate workflows to set up webhooks, score leads, and many simple tasks and can easily manage the bulk of data.

With the marketing automation, you can tailor emails, offers, services, content, etc., as per your lead's behavior to scale your growth.

  • HubSpots Analytics and Reporting

Analytics through HubSpot makes things easy to see what works and what not to approach prospects and make them your valuable customers.

The analyzed data provides valuable insights such as the number of visits to the site, sources that helped close the deal, campaigns bringing new customers, competitors' information (performing better or worse).

The analytics tool enables marketers to make real-time decisions with a performance-driven approach and increased data visibility, thus converting more leads and closing more customers.


HubSpot has an in-built reporting tool as well having a user-friendly interface for generating custom reports. With custom report builder and report tools, one can get well-structured reports giving a full history of the leads, customers, or visitors based on their activity on your site.

  • HubSpot Workflows

The Workflow feature in the HubSpot software is an integral part of marketing automation. They help you keep track of the visitor's actions and are integrated with the other HubSpot features like your CTAs (calls to action), emails, lists, forms, landing pages, etc.


You get complete visibility for all the actions. At any point, you can have a quick look at the statistics and analyze which touchpoints had the highest conversion rates and update/improve the low-performing attributes to enhance the quality and quantity of leads to make them end up in your marketing funnel.

This functionality allows you to automate those mundane admin tasks that no marketer or salesperson really has time for.

  • Smart Content

Connecting to people is what this feature focuses on. With the option of personalized content, one can gain new leads and loyalty from the current clients by offering the most relevant content to your audience.

Smart content can be used to personalize web content, emails, CTAs, and much more, which can dramatically improve engagement with the customers. This feature makes segmentation easy and smooth by capturing different lead segments on your website.


One can add a personalized touch to your inbound marketing by tailoring content that helps acquire leads and make them your customers cum promoters. Most users like this feature of HubSpot, due to which they have acquired many leads by offering optimized and personalized content.

  • Form Builder

As the name says, you can build forms in this built-in tool of HubSpot. You can easily create and embed forms to derive lead information that is logged in the CRM available.

  • Live Chat

The Conversation tool of HubSpot enables any level user to apply live chat feature on their website and track the conversation data and history of the same present inside the CRM.

In the Live Chat feature, you are also given access to a universal inbox from where you can monitor and track the team email address.


The count of features added to HubSpot is quite large. One cannot make the best use of all those until he/she personally experiences the same by implementing this marketing software to enhance business productivity and sales, and revenue.

Chapter:2 How does HubSpot mingle with SEO?

SEO is all about optimizing your website and whatever it contains. It aims to optimize all the content on your website, be it blogs posts, messages, web pages, video texts, image texts, to enhance the website's reach and visibility, thus, providing relevant information to the readers.

Research done on driving organic traffic says that organic search pulls most traffic to B2B and B2C sites, trumping the rest of non-organic search networks. This raises the question on the marketing platforms' ability to drive real traffic and grow your business.


When linked with Search Engine Optimization, HubSpot helps build authority in search with its in-built tools and features that help a business plan its SEO strategies, optimize its web content, measure the real ROI generated, and analyze its progress.

Is HubSpot good for SEO?‘ is a general query asked by marketers as we all know that the HubSpot software is more than just an SEO tool. So let's see how the tool proves to be effective for SEO as well.

Is HubSpot good for SEO?

HubSpot, undoubtedly, helps succeed in your marketing attempts while not ignoring the role of SEO, that is, to raise a website on the top of search results and outrank its competitors.

While HubSpot may not be just an SEO tool, it is a tool intended to help businesses succeed at inbound marketing, where having great content posted on your site indeed plays a vital role in any inbound marketing campaign.

HubSpot's SEO tools are well integrated with the content optimization tools so that you never miss a chance to be visible to the search engine users. Having gained the trust of thousands of customers and users, the tool is quite popular and in use to get found in the search.

There are many aspects of SEO dealt smoothly by HubSpot software where it offers the following:

  • Plan engaging content tactics, build high search possibilities

HubSpot's content optimization strategies help you organize all the relevant data and blogs in order to make your site easily discoverable on search results, thereby ranking the topics important for you and your customers.

The tool enables you to focus on your search authority for your influential web pages and blogs, keep track of the topic clusters, and increase organic traffic over time.


With the best use of HubSpot's integrated content tools, one can create clusters of website pages and content that revolves around your core topics for marketing. The tool provides insights from search data and explains how rankings of trending topics can help you earn traffic gains.

  • Get SEO tips and suggestions in real time

The software is designed to take care of all the needs and get desired SEO-related results for keeping your brand and its services on the top rankings.

HubSpot's content tools enable its users to get on-page SEO suggestions while creating blog posts, site pages, articles, or landing pages for the website. The ‘To-Do' list (in-built) helps optimize the content during its creation without any third-party plugins.

Your visitors will also experience safe and smooth browsing and navigation with the added advantage of the SSL standard feature.

  • Monitor search traffic, measure SEO returns

The robust SEO tools and their features help you monitor the performance of the posts and content that are working well in delivering high-ranking results and those who need close heed.

HubSpot's reporting tools analyze and measure the influence of topic clusters created for crafting your content which helps generate traffic, leads, customers, and ultimately the business's sales.

Along with focusing on marketing, the platform helps you focus on your website's content to reach the targeted audience and attract them to your business.

Track how many leads and customers are being generated from organic search traffic, publish relevant and conversion-optimized content that speeds up creation, keep formatting consistent, and make it easy to optimize for search' so you can see how your content strategy is increasing your search authority.

All in all, the software helps you expand your SEO influence, resulting in an increased ROI and overall growth.

HubSpot SEO Tools and Review

Today's SEO tools majorly focus on the technical aspects of SEO, ignoring the crucial ones that help structure the content appropriately to take up the No.1 position on search engine results.

The HubSpot SEO tool and its built-in features enable marketers to learn what all works for search engine optimization and help them apply the best techniques without the need of an SEO consultant.

There are many benefits to reap out of the SEO tools where HubSpot offers many vital gains to succeed in your SEO and advertising attempts. The user himself can make the best use of its tools and execute search engine optimization tactics where all the below mentioned primary concepts are covered:

  • It helps to identify the high searched and relevant keywords to optimize your website.
  • It helps to create well-structured content and optimize it as per the keyword
  • The HubSpot user can the search engine performance of the site as well as can get the related insights of his competitor at regular intervals.
  • One can track the inbound links and also find new opportunities for the same
  • It helps determine the loopholes across your website's pages to enhance their visibility and search
  • The tool helps you to get found Online by attracting more qualified leads and enhancing your online presence

HubSpot revolutionizes SEO and its aspects by providing robust tools and features that help marketers to discover ways to organize, structure, and create web content that matches the way people think, search and intend to make a purchase.


A new model is forged by the software, which helps in crafting topic-based content known as Topic Clustering. Topic Clusters help the business owners and marketers to provide better and desired results for the searches made by the audience.

This introduced approach helps pull organic traffic to the websites, thereby providing better and original information that the SERPs can crawl and index to boost the site's ranking.

Content Strategy Tool

The Content Strategy that is showcased by the HubSpot tool empowers its users to provide the best outcomes out of their high-quality created content, which further helps in accelerating web traffic and improve global reach.

HubSpot's in-built content strategy tool uses machine learning algorithms that provide useful suggestions and recommendations relevant to a user's query, search, or business.

With the help of this feature, marketers are enabled with the following:

  • Discover the topics to write on based on the popularity and usefulness, which can then be easily organized into well-formed clusters of topics.
  • With the help of topic clusters, marketers can optimize the to-be-written blogs and the previously forged contents, hiking the search authority and organic traffic to the site.
  • By taking advantage of the content strategy tool, marketers can track the count of clicks and views on the pieces of content published over the site.
  • One can get insights from the reports regarding which blog out of a particular cluster helped bring you customers and contacts and analyze what works and what does not.

Keyword Analytics Tool

The keyword analytic tool of HubSpot helps you to determine the target keywords, which hold great importance for query searches done on search engines. This feature can be found in the reports section, which helps you list the keywords based on metrics like difficulty, search volume, the present rank, etc.


Most of the traits of this tool have been merged into the content strategy tool and is made to do all the keyword searching as per the changing Google norms.

Website Grader

HubSpot's maximizing SEO performance tool website grader aims to ensure that your site is easy for users to discover and understand. The tool is specially designed to benefit all website owners and marketers to improve their website and Internet marketing strategies.


The criteria for giving you insights about your website involve the score numbering from 1 to 100, falling under the four different performance categories: security, SEO, and mobile.

The tool is a free online marketing and SEO tool that is upgraded periodically by adding new functionalities to serve its users, keeping pace with the changing SEO trends and norms.

Website Grader is designed to give companies a comprehensive overview of their inbound marketing strategy by considering some website optimization attributes like the website traffic, rank in search engines, the blogosphere, social media presence, and other inbound marketing factors.

This tool helps you do a reality check of your website and outputs real-time accurate data insights and statistics that directly influence or matters the most to your users and visitors.


HubSpot's Website Grader isn't much complex. It is an entry-level analysis tool that is upgraded at regular intervals to cover significant other aspects of SEO ranking like the quality of content, guiding leads through buyer's journey and a few more.

SEO Optimizer

The role played by SEO Optimizer comes when your content is finished and final to be processed further. This tool helps to improve and enhance your content’s authority in search engines by checking the relevancy, usefulness, and quality of your content that boosts the chances of being found over the internet via any channel.

There are various steps to implement in order to optimize your content for publication using SEO Optimizer. Once executed, the steps involved make your content perfect to get posted and deliver remarkable outputs doubling the blog traffic and leads.


HubSpot SEO Review: What People think about HubSpot?

HubSpot being a marketing tool, has done a good job in dealing with the SEO aspects of ranking a website on search engines along with its advertising strategies to help companies grow and progress.

After reviewing the HubSpot software, it is claimed by many agencies and marketers that if a company has a good ranking and is clear with the SEO goals and guidelines, then those can work better with this tool.


With the advanced functionality and robust features, the software can help a business to upgrade the authority of their web pages and blog articles by optimizing them with the help of its built-in SEO features (topic clusters, SEO optimizer, etc.).

Compared with other market tools, HubSpot is recommended to be used best as an inbound marketing platform that focuses mainly on sales and marketing offering additional traits of SEO.

However, suppose someone is looking for an SEO toolkit to pay attention to search engine ranking, content optimization, and website optimization. In that case, this software may take a back seat compared with others.


HubSpot Reviews, overall, are considerable and can be looked into. The purpose for which the software is designed and created is fulfilled. It has involved many customers in collaborating with it, making them their certified Gold and Platinum Agency Partners.

HubSpot SEO Certification to stand Out

To educate advertisers, HubSpot offers many certifications, which it urges every one of its customers to take. But do you really need to be certified in order to become an effective marketer?

Yes, of course! With the easy availability of courses available on HubSpot, one can think to indulge in the same and acquire certified knowledge in any marketing or SEO domain.


HubSpot's SEO certification courses point this certification at eager marketers hoping to learn SEO(Digital Marketing), especially anybody showcasing a business that needs to be discovered on the web.

The coursework itself centers vigorously around lead generation and client maintenance.

Chapter:3 HubSpot Marketing Platforms

Advertising your business and brand requires many networks and channels to get started with the business campaigns. HubSpot offers multiple platforms for achieving the desired business goals and accelerating sales and revenue.

The ways to promote your brand's promotion to deliver semantic results are Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.


Inbound Marketing covers most aspects of advertising, covering all the crucial attributes, and is present at the core of the HubSpot tool. So let's get started with Inbound Marketing and will cover other marketing platforms one by one.

The Core of HubSpot: Inbound Marketing and Certification

Marketing has developed generously in the last 10 or more years. Brian Halligan of HubSpot coined the term “Inbound Marketing” in 2005, and this methodology has changed the manner in which organizations market their services and themselves today.

To educate advertisers, HubSpot offers an inbound marketing certification, which it urges every one of its customers to take. But do you really need to be certified to become an effective inbound marketer?

HubSpot points this certification at eager marketers hoping to learn SEO(Digital Marketing), especially anybody showcasing a business that needs to be discovered on the web. The coursework itself centers vigorously around lead generation and client maintenance.

The knowledge gained through the certification involves:

  • Basics covering all about Inbound Marketing
  • Planning a long term content strategy
  • Creating a blog post
  • Understanding social media promotion
  • Developing a conversational growth strategy
  • Designing topic clusters and pillar pages
  • Understanding conversions and creating a conversion optimization strategy
  • Learning about lead nurturing
  • Aligning marketing with sales
  • Implementing a customer marketing approach

What makes the Inbound Certification appealing?

HubSpot claims that inbound leads cost 61% less than conventional marketing efforts. In case if that’s true, this fact alone is enough to take the certification.

Yet, more to the point, the real content of the program is shockingly well thoroughly considered.

A few aspects that stand out the certification are:

More focused on composing quality content

As an accomplished content writer, you know how to write educational and unbiased content. This course will help you adjust your writing to guarantee you are contacting the correct audience.

You will be better arranged to incorporate relevant long-tail keywords to draw in search engine traffic. Also, you will be reminded that if you are writing for the wrong person, or if you are not composing for SEO, your customers (or organization) may have a lot harder time being discovered online.

The test isn't simple.

Have broad marketing background? Already an extraordinary Content writer? Try not to expect this course as easy, and don't depend on personal experience getting you a passing evaluation here. The inquiries are extreme – and as they should be. You have to earn this certification.

The coursework affirms that blogging is important.

HubSpot reports that 43% of organizations have acquired a customer through their blog. Blogging is a serious business-building methodology and requires an expert approach.

By raising the profile of the need to blog to teach, HubSpot is raising the quality of marketing online instead of selling. All things considered, your clients have questions or issues; let your content give them the answers they seek.

Confirmation requires yearly re-certification.

Although it might appear to be a problem to take the re-certification test each year, it's extremely something to be thankful for. The course stays aware of and incorporates developing systems, and the test mirrors these present methodologies and improves questions dependent on analyzers' input.

In truth, there isn't really tons of data. In any case, the certification provides an inside depth of inbound Marketing that is truly viable for eager digital marketers.

Classes are accessible as Video Lectures.

One of my most loved things about this course, which has little to do with the value of the genuine course, is easy for you to understand as all the material is presented in the form of videos. This made the class compact and made it harder for you to stall.

Additionally, it's simple for you to get distracted when you are watching something on your PC; there's always an urge to browse through client emails, complete that last newsletter article, and so on. In any case, since you are generally tuning in to the radio in the car anyway, why not make that time productive?

You can get past the video quicker than you can have while sitting at your desk, and if you need a boost, you could generally return and watch a class on your desk the “old-school” way.

Accelerate Business Revenues with HubSpot Email Marketing

Without any doubt, Email marketing is a crucial marketing type that brings desired results where most marketers consider email marketing a result-oriented channel generating revenue to their business.

HubSpot Email Marketing involves various things where it mainly focuses on segmentation and great content. HubSpot defines many use cases for carrying out the email advertising efforts and making them a successful attempt.


Email Marketing Use-Cases:

  • Brand Awareness:

The marketing type helps keep your brand and its services on top in order to make aware the prospects of the same, thus, making them ready to associate with your business.

  • Develop Relationships:

Personalized content is something that works best to achieve useful outputs of your email marketing. This further helps to build long-lasting relationships with personalized engagement and connections with leads and customers.

  • Content Advertising:

Email can be best made to use to share relevant and useful blogs or posts or other assets with your prospects. It is another way to capture leads and make a connection.

  • Lead Generation:

This can be best done by enticing the email subscribers to share their personal data or information in exchange for something that would prove useful and valuable to them.

  • Product Marketing:

Products can be well promoted with good quality emails which helps to advertise your products, services, features, and offers, outreaching the global audience.

  • Lead Nurturing:

One can nurture leads and provide the best content creation strategies to help your customers succeed in their marketing endeavors.

Email Marketing with HubSpot is made powerful by well-integrating it with other campaigning efforts across channels of search, social media, analytics, and mobile. A marketer can optimize the website’s pages advertised via email making good use of social media to reach out to your blogs beyond your email lists.

Promotion through emails with this robust software helps you measure all those attempts you are making for lead generation and lead nurturing while keeping the contact’s database up-to-date and giving clarity on all their acts.

Email Marketing Certification by HubSpot

The HubSpot Academy offers an email marketing certification course as well, to enlighten the marketers about how to build and strengthen up their inbound marketing strategies that helps grow business and career.


The Email Marketing Certification covers the following to expand the brackets of your knowledge through email campaigns. Take a rundown:

  • Understanding email marketing
  • Creating contact management and segmentation strategies
  • Sending the right and engaging emails to the customers
  • Drafting high performing emails with quality content
  • Understanding email deliverability
  • Outlining the design of promotional emails
  • Analyzing the marketing emails
  • Testing the marketing emails
  • Building relationships with lead nurturing

What Email Marketing with HubSpot is all About?

Advertising through emails is one of the good and feasible ways to associate with clients and customers. With this type of marketing with HubSpot, business owners can help move forward with great success and business productivity.

With the certification offered by the big brand, one can develop impressive and workable email marketing strategies that deliver quantifiable outcomes by making you aware of all the latest campaigning best practices and methods.

With the feature of automation workflows in emails, HubSpot offers simplicity and personalized touch to your email marketing transforming the ways email marketing was executed earlier.

Inside the software, one can do a lot to make all your email advertising efforts to achieve success. There is an option to design and draft professional emails those are well displayed on all the mobile devices.

They have enormous email templates which can be used to their best which can be customized as per the lead, its behavior, and requirement. Additionally, there are options to add calls-to-action, customize email lists and layouts, modify content to make it make actionable, where all these require no intervention of technical personnel.

Emails A/B Test and Analytics

Email advertising in HubSpot enables you to optimize your email campaigns with A/B testing and engagement analysis. The A/B testing uncovers the subject lines, content and CTAs helps boost engagement and sales rate.

The analytics part helps you dive deeper into the data insights like email engaging customers, which links and documents were opened the most, when and which device was used by customers to get connected.

The analysis report available can further be used to develop new tests to improve the interaction with the visitors and leads to hike the conversion rates and fulfill the actual marketing motive.

The internal functionality of using email marketing can be well understood when applied to practice, however, one can take some guidance on how to create and send marketing emails using the HubSpot account.

The link will help you provide the steps to follow from start to end from creating, editing, designing, scheduling to sending the emails at last.

Expand your Global Reach with HubSpot Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing program that centers on creating, publishing, and distributing content for your target audience — usually online — the goal of which is to attract new customers.

The most common components of a content marketing program are social media networks, blogs, visual content, and premium content assets — like tools, ebooks, or webinars. Here are some scenarios to demonstrate the mechanics.


Content Marketing as defined by HubSpot:

“A strategic and business approach aiming to creating and offering valuable and consistent content (in the form of blogs, posts, web content) to attract and retain the targeted audience to drive profitable actions via the intended customers.”

HubSpot’s Content Marketing Certification empowers your business with powerful and remarkable content. HubSpot Academy’s free Content Marketing Certification course, which over 15,000 people have earned since its launch in November 2016 with a sole aim to developing a successful content process.

The learnings that are covered in the certification are as follows:

  • Understanding the concept of Content Marketing
  • The power of storytelling in the form of content
  • Generating content ideas
  • Planning of long-lasting content strategies
  • Designing content creation frameworks
  • How to become an effective writer
  • Repurposing: extending the value of your content
  • Effective promotion of quality content
  • Measure, monitor, and analyze the content
  • Developing a growth marketing mindset
  • Create blog posts, topic clusters, and pillar pages

The knowledge gained via the Content Marketing certification is recommended by popular online course providers where the certification proves beneficial and impactful in increasing your marketing return on investment (ROI).


Content Marketing with HubSpot helps you become a stronger, leaner, and more strategic content marketer. There are a lot of things to gain regarding how to apply the best content-oriented tactics and techniques to get the best out of it.

Some of them include generating effective content ideas, learning content creation frameworks, promoting pieces of content, and analyzing and measuring the impact of content marketing efforts.

With this type of marketing, HubSpot enables its users to accomplish all the tasks related to content organization. It offers a robust tool, namely Content Management System, that has proved beneficial for all its existing and new customers.

Content Management System

The HubSpot platform's content management system (CMS) tool helps build a powerful website that's optimized for every e-device, personalized for every visitor using data from HubSpot CRM, and integrated with all your marketing tools.

Many HubSpot users keep faith in the CMS and look upon it for hosting, managing, and optimizing their site to make an online presence and achieve a strong customer base. The integrated content management system goes far beyond content management, thus, handling all the content from a single place.

This integrated platform helps create and edit blog posts, landing pages, site pages, and emails with ease, whether you choose from one of our pre-built templates or start from scratch.

There is a backup to enable you to proceed with the content advertising tasks through the content delivery network to serve your content all across the globe in the fastest and quickest ways, tracking their performance.

Some of the core capabilities of HubSpot CMS comprises of the below-mentioned:

Speed, Security, and Reliability: The Basic Attributes

  • Speed: Websites hosted on HubSpot are made to load faster with the in-built technique of CDN(Content Delivery Network) irrespective of the e-device used by the visitors. Some features have been optimized (like the size of images, CSS, and JavaScript codes), which deliver a better user experience by reducing the site loading time.
  • Security: Lack of authenticity can damage a website’s ranking. Keeping this in mind, HubSpot CMS keeps the security intact by authenticating all the website data. The content delivery network automatically prevents the DDoS attacks intended to be executed by the hackers and keeps the website free from data breaches and threats.
  • Reliability: With 99.999% of uptime of the HubSpot CMS, you are likely to experience any interruption with your data centers or databases. There is hardly any chance of losing the consistency of being available or to disappoint visitors coming to your site.
  • Content Creation and Optimization: HubSpot CMS helps create and manage content to optimize it well for the SEO purpose by using multiple templates available on the marketplace. One can make best use of:
  • Drag and drop modules: help you rearrange the layout or modify the web content on any page.
  • Content Strategy and SEO: helps you use the on-page SEO optimization which ensures you forge appropriate content for the right audience.
  • Mobile optimization: requires no additional effort as the content that you create within the HubSpot tool gets automatically optimized for the mobile devices.
  • Content Staging: proves to be useful if a lot of changes are done frequently on a website (like redesigning, product launch etc.) where you can modify the pages and publish it all in a click.
  • Database driven content: one can build database-driven site pages those have a dynamic nature and can be updated smoothly
  • Smart Content: You can personalize your content of blogs and sites based on the well-known attributes and behavior of the visitors and, thereby, enhance your website's experience.
  • Live chat and Bots: Live chats and bots can be implemented over your website with the use of HubSpot Conversations that can help you answer common queries of visitors and qualify leads for you.

Combining these traits with other CMS tools available in the software helps you capture the interest of more and more visitors and build long-term relationships with them.

  • Reporting Tool and CRM Integration: Content management system of HubSpot involves the reporting tool and smoothly integrates with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which helps you track the insights over contacts and performance of reports.
  • HubSpot CRM: The #1 CRM automatically integrates with the HubSpot CMS and keeps the record of contact details, contacts lists and visitor to customer history.
  • Traffic analytics: This feature helps track the performance of the individual web page as well as the whole website within the CMS. The report generated is divided into attributes showing data regarding the traffic generation, bounce rate, number of clicks etc.

HubSpot Social Media Marketing

Prioritize your social interactions at a fast pace by connecting to the right audience who matter the most.


The Social Media Certification covers the following concepts those are made to learn in depth. Take a look:

  • Developing a social media strategy
  • Social media listening and monitoring
  • Building a content strategy for social media
  • Extending your reach on social media
  • Using social media to build one-to-one relationships
  • Understanding the basics of digital advertising
  • Measuring your social return on investment
  • Essentials for continued success with social media

Besides this certification, HubSpot offers many other Social Media courses specially designed to help you strengthen up the social connections with the visitors and the right people.

Some of them are:

  • Developing an end-to-end Instagram marketing strategy for your business
  • Facebook marketing: how to craft an end-to-end strategy for business
  • Facebook Ads Training: how to build great Ads and audiences
  • HubSpot's sales software certification course

What can you do with HubSpot’s Social Media Marketing?

HubSpot Social Media Marketing defined:

“Social Media Marketing is an action to craft engaging and interactive content for advertising the products/services for business promotion over platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.”

This definition states that the content tailored to reach the global audience should be specific as per the platform it's shared on to increase conversions and brand awareness.


Within the HubSpot software, you can publish your creations from the same place to all the social networks. One can build their social marketing campaigns effectively via a single tool.

Content Posting options available over LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ are:

  • Manually
  • Connecting your social account to your blog

Once your post gets published, it automatically gets shared with the attached social media channels. One can even schedule content for later and get suggestions for an appropriate time to post for boosting followers count and interaction with them.

With this type of marketing with HubSpot, you can monitor your social interactions and prioritize your conversations. You can create custom keyword monitoring streams for the important interactions and can see along with the messages.

As HubSpot integrates all the marketing types with the powerful CRM tool, one can get insights from the social reports generated to let you compare the performance of various social platforms. The YouTube reports enable users to analyze how the audience gets linked with their video content.

HubSpot’s Social Media Strategy

HubSpot comes with a social media marketing strategy that takes advantage of the digital and social methods and helps you shape up your leads, conversions, thus, delighting the existing customers and attracting new ones.

It helps a marketer spread his other marketing efforts and propagate the right content to the right audience at the right time. The software features help you give word of mouth to the masses, which is a powerful way to connect.

With HubSpot's social media advertising techniques, you can build brand awareness that directly brings your well-crafted content to the customers, clients, prospects, and partners indeed.

Ultimately, with your SMM (Social Media Marketing) strategies, you'll attract more buyers towards your services and offerings, making direct conversations with them at the time and place of their interest.

One can get useful insights about their content via social media (in Content Details) which tells the performance of the content by displaying the number of views, user’s time spent on a page, new contacts and customers, exit rate, bounce rate and much more to analyze how the progress is taking place.


HubSpot’s Social Media Campaigns

There are free and paid Social campaigns that this feature-rich software provides to its users and operators to reach out to different types and categories of people.

Your highly designed content could either be scheduled or be published right away on varied social media networks, namely Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, with your account integration with HubSpot.

One can create campaigns of your own in the software itself and then analyze the performance of each filtering the social media aspect and can pay close heed to those who need improvement.

Within the paid campaigns, one can target a particular audience by specifying the demographics and engage with them at the perfect time when they can be attracted the most your products and services.

The Social Media tactics are developed with an aim to run parallel with other Inbound advertising ways rather than replacing them. The HubSpot tool augments all of its marketing types, delivering the best to its users and customers with the expected business results.

Chapter:4 HubSpot Planning and Strategies

HubSpot Projects

Projects attribute in HubSpot is a powerful utility tool that helps you with how to collaborate, work, manage, and learn within the software. HubSpot Projects enables a user to plan campaigns, assign tasks to team, ensures on time deployment, etc. in order to organize the overall teamwork from a single umbrella.

In HubSpot Projects, there are three main categories to navigate through which helps you handle any project work in a structured manner. These are:

  • All tasks
  • All Projects
  • Project templates

All Tasks

In the All Tasks tab, you can view all of the tasks that have been created for different projects where the respective project is displayed under a task. One can find some filter fields based on ‘Status’, ‘Assignee’ and ‘Due Date’

All Projects

Under this tabyou can find all the projects and tasks that you are working on which might be added from the Project Templates or created by the team members.

You can find the option of ‘Create Project’, which will help you create a new one with no predefined attributes and an option of ‘Create from Template’ where you can choose one already designed one as per your specifications and project needs.


Project Templates

HubSpot provides three primary types of project templates each serving a different purpose:

  • Personal Templates: can be accessed only in one user account
  • Shared Templates: have access through multiple accounts
  • Global Templates: these are public and available to any user with access to the project tools

Follow these steps to use an existing project template:

Go to Project Templates-> click View Template-> tap on Copy to My Projects

Follow these steps to create a new project template from an existing one:

Go to projects-> click Show Project details-> from the dropdown menu select Project Actions-> select Create template from this project.

How to manage projects with HubSpot isn’t a tough job, instead, when  once used and started working on it helps make the project handling and management easy where you get the feature of sharing a project template with another account as well.

To look for the steps in detail take a look here.

HubSpot Campaigns

HubSpot Campaigns is a powerful tool that helps you manage every piece of your campaigns that you create in the software be it blog posts or Facebook posts, and many more.

Here in this dashboard you can monitor and tag any of the campaign those are closely integrated with your business goals, unlikely the other marketing tools that focus on individual components and their metrics.

In HubSpot campaigns, marketers can manage and handle different components of the marketing campaigns from one single point. One can easily track, monitor and make adjustments in the campaigns and derive the best outcomes out of your attempts.

You can track the performance of your overall campaigns using real-time analytics those are closely associated with the advertising goals. Further, you can analyze and monitor the progression of each marketing channel and make adjustments accordingly for achieving the desired results.


HubSpot campaign reporting provides you clear analytics about all that your campaigns bring to your business. You can view, analyze, monitor, track, download, even forward these reports to the clients via email. One can filter the report as per the subject fields based on ‘Daily’ or ‘Monthly’.

How to create Campaigns in HubSpot?

With the HubSpot Campaigns, a business owner can easily measure the effectiveness of the all the attempts of your business promotion. HubSpot provides its users the facility to create upto a thousand campaigns in their account.

There are four major steps to follow to begin and start up with a marketing campaign:

  • Create campaign
  • Add budget and description
  • Add goals
  • Add assets and content

To create a campaign:

  • After signing to the HubSpot account, visit Marketing-> scroll down to Planning and Strategy-> click on Campaigns.
  • Go to Create Campaigns-> enter Campaign Name in dialog box (make sure it is unique and understandable)-> Click on Create.

Add budget and description

  • To add budget and description, go to Actions (in upper right)-> select Edit Details from the dropdown.
  • In the fields of the dialog box, enter a Budget and Notes-> Click Save

Insert Goals

  • In order to add goals, go to Actions-> select Edit Goals.
  • In the appearing dialog box, add number of goals for different fields like New Contacts, Closed Deals, influenced revenue, etc.-> end up clicking on Save.

Add Assets and Content

  • On the upper right, there is a section of Add Assets, you can add already present advertising assets and content (blogs, emails, etc.)
  • On the sidebar menu, choose any Asset Type to insert into the campaign. Make use of the search box to search for assets/contents, click the checkbox next to the displayed content or asset and add it by clicking on the Save button.

HubSpot Calendar

This functionality of HubSpot Calendar that is truly designed and built to save your time and sanity. One can plan the content release timeline with this amazing feature and reduce any risk of delay in making your content/blogs to go live.


This marketing calendar helps a marketer manage and organize the crafted content and blogs while running campaigns or marketing channels. The integration of the HubSpot Calendar with the software’s Inbound Marketing is what makes useful and unique which provided you access.

HubSpot Ads

Ads have not always been an integral part of the inbound marketing ecosystem. Since the past decade the ads were highly untargeted and intrusive. As a result they were not able to meet the requirements and were not able to reach the potential customers.


Researchers show that the ads that utilize customer targeting see a high jump in the conversion rates, approximately two to three times more than the usual. As a result, ads are now becoming an integral part of the inbound marketing strategy.

By Ads becoming a part of HubSpot’s core marketing product, organizations will be able to manage all their marketing efforts right within the HubSpot’s ecosystem, from emails to Google ads to Facebook lead ads.

Ads feature include:

  • Ad management and reporting across all the networks
  • Hassle free syncing of leads
  • Using smart lists for re-marketing
  • Going beyond clicks and impressions to providing a complete advertising ROI
  • Tools to align ads

Chapter:5 – Use of HubSpot Marketing to engage with the targeted Audience

To craft your campaign strategy. First you need to determine your campaign goal, and then consider the target audience.

Appeal to the target audience

  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • How would you classify your target audience?
  • What are you hoping this campaign will achieve for your company and your audience?
  • How can you create continued engagement with your followers throughout your campaign?

Ensuring the content and messaging appeals to the target audience should always be a top priority for any business. So, always remember this important rule throughout your marketing campaign. Don’t lose sight of who you are trying to connect with and why.

Otherwise, your audience will likely scroll right by your posts and contents or lose interest in your campaign in a matter of seconds.

Here are some ways to appeal to your target audience on social media:

Consider current trends.

This is an important strategy for any marketer to know their clients well and be up to date with the current trends to attract more visitors. What do people want to view these days? For example, Instagram stories and live streaming have become quite popular. Can you incorporate these trends into your social routine and campaign?

Be informative.

Make your audience want to stop and listen. If you don’t have information worth their time, why would they check out your post or campaign? Provide your audience with an incentive — create a giveaway that requires your audience to read your description from start to finish. In addition, you should also tell them how to participate in the giveaway and when you will announce a winner.

Create unique and compelling Visual Content.

Whether it’s a video on Facebook or an edited picture on Instagram, make sure your visual content is compelling and entertaining. Give your audience something they haven’t seen before.

Engage with your Audience.

After posting on social media, 84% of consumers expect companies to respond within 24-hours. If your followers leave questions, comments, or concerns on your posts, you should reach back out to them. You will form a personal bond with your audience that will make them more loyal to you and your brand. You will also earn their trust more efficiently.

Marketing Strategies Brought up by HubSpot

HubSpot Marketing strategies, which starts out free, has tons of lead generation that make it easy to capture, store, and nurture leads, including

It all plugs naturally into HubSpot’s free CRM, or you can easily integrate with your CRM, email tool, or customer data platform of choice.

Using HubSpot Marketing helps you build an inbound marketing flywheel from start to finish. You create content that allures visitors, capture leads through one of several tools available, and then nurture them through kickback emails.

Eventually, your sales team will have full visibility of the previous touchpoints and close leads with your previous touchpoints' full context with your brand. Finally, you can create happy customers with features like free ticketing.

HubSpot provides many features that enhance your marketing tactics and show how to plan and implement your marketing strategies. Here is the list of strategies provided by HubSpot.

Promote your Content

Now it’s time to start sharing your campaign and promoting your content. Consider the following techniques on how to promote and share your content.

Promote one message throughout your campaign.

You should start by promoting one message on multiple different platforms using content that fits the chosen platform. By consistently sharing the same message across your campaign, your followers will hear the same information over and over again, which will allow them to retain your message.

HubSpot makes easy the sharing tactics as it has a centralized feature of integrating all the social media accounts in one place.

In fact, marketing campaigns in the past have proven that messages are most effective when repeated. Repetition will result in familiarity, which will foster trust between your audience and your message, brand, and product. Redundant messages stick.

Balance your promotional and non-promotional content.

Your followers will notice if you’re constantly pushing promotional content on them. By balancing promotional and non-promotional, your followers will perceive you as being helpful and will want to engage with you more.

This is about your followers not feeling pressured or pushed into becoming a customer. You will be most effective if you provide your followers with promotional content that is balanced out with content that they find helpful and engaging.

Ensure your content is unique to your business.

Create an aesthetic for your campaign that matches your brand. You want this to be unique — anyone that lands on your page should know that it's yours without reading your profile handle.

Being unique and authentic helps you stand out. It also gives people a reason to want to follow you over your competitors. HubSpot provides a unique template or different landing page ideas that are user-friendly and more attractive.

Engage with your audience regularly.

No matter how many followers you have, you should set aside a bit of time to answer questions, “like” comments, and respond to feedback. By taking the time to engage with your followers, you will give them a personal experience that they won’t forget. These are the types of relationships and experiences that keep followers invested in your brand.

Create a unique hashtag for your campaign.

All major social media campaigns have a hashtag that should be the same across your social platforms. Hashtags allow your team members to keep track of interactions and make it easy for your followers to engage with your campaign. Your hashtag should be unique and memorable.

For example, Snickers has a popular social media campaign, “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry.”

They depict people lashing out, losing their minds, and even turning into different people because they are “hangry” … or hungry-angry. These people go back to their normal selves once they eat a bite of a Snickers bar and satisfy their hunger.

Their hashtag for the campaign is #EatASnickers. It’s straightforward, simple to remember, and action-oriented. Additionally, “Eat a Snickers” is also one of their ad taglines, which contributes to the uniformity across the campaign.

Chapter:6 Last Words

To be honest, the list of what Hubspot has to offer as a marketing platform could go on for days; these are just a few of our favorites.

At the end of the day, in order to both maximize and simplify your marketing efforts, Hubspot is your one-stop shop. Make your marketing life easier, while continuing to grow your business and delight your customers.

Here are a few interesting facts about HubSpot:

  • They lead the world in the approach and execution of Inbound Marketing.
  • Their holistic approach to business growth includes marrying marketing, sales, and enablement to produce a powerful concept called Growth Stack.
  • They have over 34,000 partner agencies in more than 90 countries using their award-winning software and support.
  • Their software is effective and powerful. There's no denying it!

HubSpot marketing is not just a promotion tool, it is also a great way to gain feedback from your visitors and grow your business based on real data.

All these possibilities are readily available; using or not using them is what sets apart successful businesses and those who want to grow by wishful thinking. You can now read your buyer's mind. What will you do about it?

For a start, discover how your buyers are searching for you online and become a Marketing pro with our free eBook An Ultimate Guide for beginners to use Inbound Marketing!

Also, contact us and talk to our experts for more gems of HubSpot.

Frequently Asked Questions

A successful approach to engaging leads in HubSpot involves the conversion process. This process begins by offering valuable content, such as an ebook or a free trial, to website visitors. In exchange for this content, visitors are asked to provide their information. This method transforms a website visitor into a lead, as HubSpot uses this data to nurture and follow up with them, ultimately building a relationship that can lead to sales or other desired actions.

To use HubSpot effectively, start by setting up your account and customizing its settings. Next, manage your CRM database, which holds your customer information. Market your business using HubSpot's tools, generate sales leads, and provide customer support. You can also build your website using their platform. Finally, keep track of your performance with HubSpot's reporting features. Familiarize yourself with the HubSpot Glossary to understand terms used throughout their tools, and be sure to explore their various resources to maximize the benefits of the platform for your business.

Marketers use HubSpot for many things! It helps them make web pages and landing pages, write blogs, and send emails to people in a sequence. They can also keep track of how they talk to leads and customers. HubSpot lets them see if their marketing efforts are working well. They can see what people do on their website and figure out what works best. So, it's like a toolkit that helps them reach out to people, see what works, and make their marketing better!

The lead generation process is made of four key steps. First, you must identify your target market by understanding your ideal customers and their needs. Next, you create appealing offers or incentives to attract potential leads. Then, you employ various strategies to generate those leads, such as through advertising or content marketing. Finally, you nurture these leads, building relationships and guiding them towards becoming customers. By following these steps, businesses can effectively find and convert potential customers into valuable clients.