10 Benefits of Using Head Up Display Videos for Your Business

Augmented reality is turning the world of business upside down with its mind-boggling features and benefits. Those who utilize augmented reality to fullest have been able to gain a lot of benefits. According to Statista, the AR/VR market is expected to rise from merely $20 billion in 2019 to a whopping $192 billion by 2022.


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One of the outcomes of AR/VR is a concept of head up display video. A head-up display video offers a transparent display to viewers without needing them to look at the object.

It is essential for you to use the best video editing software that suits your need and allows you to create HUD video. There are pieces of free video editing software if you are starting.

Why should I focus on head-up display videos?

You may have heard a lot about head up display video, but yet not found out the value in creating one for your business. Here are ten benefits for using head up display videos for your business:

  1. Quick to Grab Attention

The average attention span is getting lesser on the internet with advertisers bombarding internet users with tons of advertisements and a massive volume of content uploaded every single second.


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Currently, human beings have a shorter attention span than goldfish. We are competing in an attention economy. With HUD videos, you can quickly grab the attention of the users as it is somewhat unique to internet users than what we see on the internet. There is an easy video editing software available that can let you start HUD display videos.

2. Give Mind-Boggling User Experience to Your Users

The user experience is a key to retaining your customers in an era where customers are not loyal to brand.The experience users get with head up video is magnificent. There is no limitation to a user experience that you can provide.

The dinosaurs can come to life and wander around the room, and users can check out cars moving through their eyes, and so on with HUD. This type of user experience can help in retaining customers. Before developing a complicated video, you can download online video editing templates and get started with simple videos.

3. Extremely High-Quality Video

You can offer a superior quality video with HUD video. It allows you to display your content in 4k HUD video. You can give additional information to your users without compromising the quality of the video.

4. Useful in Explaining Highly Technical Concepts

Not all people are highly technical. With that said, there are times when we need to explain a highly specialized product to people with a little technical knowledge. It can be pretty tricky mainly when we are communicating our information to a large number of audience.

An Explainer video is a fantastic concept that can allow you to explain sophisticated concepts without a lot of difficulty to a considerable audience. We can easily show the possibility of a new innovative product in a trade show and more with the help of HUD video. It will not only explain the concept to your audience but will also let your audience immerse in virtual reality.

5. No Need for Your Audience to Wear Any Special Equipment

You cannot expect your targeted customers to wear special kind of VR glasses and roam around, only to watch your video. With HUD video, you can offer a tremendous experience to your targeted audience without having them to wear VR/AR glasses. It helps a lot in marketing your products to a broader audience.

6. Increase Your Sales

The retailers can take advantage of HUD display videos in a time when online shop owners are posing a massive threat to brick and mortar traders. Thanks to HUD video, you too can compete with them by maximizing the conversion rate. You should value every store visitor. By using a HUD display, you can quickly grab their audience and entice them to buy the products.

Using HUD display in both smaller and larger retailers is possible.

7. Save Cost

It can be difficult for businesses to have stocks of expensive products every time on their store. There is also a cost for maintenance when the number of inventory is high. With the help of HUD display videos, you do not need to worry about maintaining inventory in your store.

If you are selling high-end products like cars, motorcycles, and so on, you can use HUD display to analyze the product that you are offering carefully. Furthermore, they are also able to customize the configuration.

8. Make Your Event Memorable

The organizers announce many events throughout a year. Many people who attend the event hardly remember anything about events. However, the possibility is endless when you integrate HUD display videos in your events.

You can demonstrate each product of yours in a unique way to the audience with many variations that will lure your audience to your stall. It will leave many particular impacts on the visitors, making them talk about the events for a long time to come.

9. Make Your Customers Realize the Problem in Real and Give the Solution

There are problems that you may not be explained easily with other types of video. With HUD display video, you can show issues from many angles to your targeted customers. It can allow them to get into the problems without facing it. After that, you can show a slow decline in the challenge by making them feel it.

For some skeptics, they will get to know the step by step transition, which can motivate them to take action after watching the video.

10. Enhance Your Brand Personality

Your audience will consider every single promotional material to judge your brand. By using HUD display videos, you can leave a strong impression of your brand in the minds of consumers. You can reveal your brand motto, visual style that represents your brand, and characters that seem like real for improving your brand personality.

Having a sharp brand image can significantly increase your company’s goodwill in the market. If you have a strong brand image, people will take your words seriously, leading to more leads and sales.

Wrapping Things Up

The things are changing at a rapid place in the modern world due to a massive impact of technology. We can expect technologies like IoT, AI, AR, and so on to be better and even more impactful in the future. Keep in mind that we are still in the early phase of the evolution of these technologies.

The head-up display videos are hot things right now. The car makers like BMW is using it to offer an enhanced user experience to their customers and marketers are using it to get users’ attention in the throat-cutting competition in the modern business world. Now that you know the benefits of head up display video, are you willing to use it? Let us know your thoughts below.

Chehak Wadhwa

Chehak Wadhwa is a Creative Head at webdew and has an intensive 10+ Years of Experience in Designing & Animation. She has produced 500+ Videos with her team including some of the well know brands in the market like: UBER, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Calendar etc.

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